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Dobrý den, mám dotaz ohledně pracovní smlouvy na dobu určitou. Zájímá mě, jak je to s odchodem z práce a se zkušební dobou. Jak je tam dlouhá ta zkušební doma, když je ta práce jen na 3 měsíce a jak dlouho trvá výpověď a jestli ji můžu vůbec podat.
Předem děkuji moc za vaši pomoc.


3. Basis for agreement: Employment is temporary, in accordance with the Working Environment Act Section 14-9.

4. Place of employment: At present: Employee’s premises at Hov Gård, Tore Hjortsvei 471, 8314 Gimsøysand
The Employee must expect that duties may have to be carried out outside the workplace when the position so requires.

5. Position/type of work: Cleaner
Main job would be cleaning in Hov Camping and Låven restaurant with servicerooms, toilets and showers etc. Employer could be put to other work if needed.
The Employee is obligated to follow instructions and directives given by the Employer.
The Employer has the right, when circumstances make it necessary, to assign the Employee to alternative tasks other than those stated above.
The general manager or chef is the immediate superior.

6. Percentage of full-time position: 100 %.

7. Duration: The employment agreement comes into force on 1/6 2022 and ends without prior
notice on 30/9 2022, cf. however Items 8 and 10.

8. Probationary period: A probationary period of 6 months applies to the position, cf. the Working Environment Act Section 15-6. During the probationary period, a mutual period of notice of 14 days applies, cf. the Working Environment Act Section 15-3 no. 7.
If the Employee has been absent from work during the probationary period, the probationary period may be extended by a period corresponding to the length of absence, cf. the Working Environment Act Section 15-6 (4). The Employer must inform the Employee, in writing, of any such extension before the expiry of the probationary period.

9. Holidays, etc.: Holidays and holiday pay in accordance with the Holiday Act, which is 4 weeks and 1 day, as well as 10.2% in holiday pay. Holidays must not be taken during the high season and must be agreed in more detail with the general manager.

10. Notice period: After the end of the probationary period, there is a mutual notice period, cf. the Working Environment Act.
11. Age limit: For the position, an upper age limit of 72 years applies.

12. Remuneration, etc.: Remuneration per hour is NOK 185.

Overtime is work beyond the agreed normal working hours according to item 14, and is compensated with a supplement of 40%. The overtime hours (ie not the supplement) are calculated in the agreement on average calculation and are expressed in correspondingly fewer working hours in the second part of the agreed period for average calculation.
Rates for deductions from salary for accommodation in the company
If the employee is accommodated at work, the following rates apply for deduction from salary:
for double room: NOK 378,64 per month
for single rooms: NOK 582,16 per month.

Evening and night supplement:
There are no rules for evening, night and weekend surcharges. Working hours and overtime follow the rules of the Working Environment Act.
Payment of wages shall be made to the Employee's bank account no later than the 15th of each month.
The Employer has the right to make deductions from the Employee's wages/salary, holiday pay and additional benefits if, at the time of settlement of wages/salary, supplementary payments, advances, or reimbursement of expenses, an incorrect payment is made.

13. Pension and insurance:
As long as the employment agreement remains in force, the Employee will be enrolled in the company`s at all times applicable collective pension scheme and relevant personnel insurance scheme, provided that the terms and conditions for enrolment are met. These plans may be modified, even terminated, by the Employer, unless prohibited by mandatory law or agreement.

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Zbytek smlouvy:

14. Working hours:
The Employer and the Employee agree that the company shall use average calculation of working hours, cf. the Working Environment Act Section 10-5 (1). This means that the Employee’s normal working hours over 52 weeks, following the calendar year, are in accordance with the limits stipulated in the Working Environment Act Section 10-5 (1) – presently up to 10 hours in a 24-hour period and up to 48 hours in a 7-day period. The limit of 48 hours in a 7-day period can be calculated as an average over a period of eight weeks provided that normal working hours do not exceed 50 hours in any one week.
Meal break is not included in the working hours. Breaks are of 30 minutes per day.
The daily work schedule set up by special arrangement and roster, and could lead to work morning, day, evening, night and weekend days depending on the roster.
The Employee is obliged to follow the work plan/working hours schedule in force at any time. Arrangement of working hours can be amended according to the company’s requirements, including that shift and standby/on-call arrangements can be introduced and terminated.
The Employer may require the Employee to work overtime hours in the extent permitted by the Working Environment Act. The Employee is only entitled to compensation for overtime work performed when ordered or authorized by an immediate supervisor.
The Employer and Employee agree that any worked overtime hours can be taken out as off-duty time at available periods. The times/dates where off-duty time may be taken shall be specifically agreed between the parties in advance, cf. the Working Environment Act Section 10-6 (12)].

15. Duty of non-disclosure: The Employee is obligated, both during and after the termination of employment, to maintain confidentiality with respect to unauthorized parties, regarding all matters (information, knowledge etc.) that the Employee may become aware of whilst in the service of the Employer, including the Employer’s customers and collaborating partners and matters concerning these.
This also applies to personal matters pertaining to other employees, of which he/she becomes aware of in the course of his/her work.
The term “unauthorized” in this context also applies to employees within the company who do not need to know/cannot utilize the information in their work.
The duty of non-disclosure also means that the Employee is obligated to prevent unauthorized access to or knowledge of said matters.
The Employee is not authorized to utilize information or knowledge as stated above, either directly or indirectly, on his/her own or someone else’s behalf.
An exemption from this is generally known expertise and experience that the Employee has acquired, and information that is clearly not of a confidential nature, as well as general information the Employer wishes to be disseminated.
If there is any doubt, the Employee shall resolve the matter with the Employer.

Další zbytek smlouvy:

16. Secondary employment etc.: The Employee may not undertake another job or position without the Employer's prior written consent. This provision also applies to unpaid jobs/positions. Consent shall not be unreasonably withheld.
The Employee may not invest in, or otherwise have interests in activities that are considered to be in conflict with the Employer's interests, without the Employer's prior written consent.

17. Personal data, etc.: The Employer may use personal data about the Employee to the extent necessary for the administration of employment.
The Employee is encouraged to familiarize him/herself with the Employer’s data protection Policy.

18. Collective agreement:
The company does not currently have a collective agreement.

19. Other matters: The Employee is otherwise obligated to comply with all agreements, work regulations, instructions, personnel regulations and/or internal policies, in force at any time, that the Employer asserts concerning the employment agreement.
This employment agreement supersedes any prior employment agreements between the parties.

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